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Curriculum Vitae

Nirmala Heriza BA, CYT, CMFT, CaC

MedicalYoga-Myofascial-Acupressure Therapist/Medical Assistant (Orthopedic) /MedicalHistorian/Reviewer of Medical Records Scribe (Orthopedics; Neurology).(Published)/Expert Medical Consultant Published Author (PenguinTarcher)

Santa Monica, Ca 90405
Tele: 310.452.5815 Mobile: 310.927.6311


Professional Profile – Website: Profiled on Googe under Nirmala Heriza and DrYoga
Authorized to work in the US for any employer
WORK EXPERIENCE. Medical Director/Therapist

Dr Yoga Health and Wellness Center Website:

-Santa Monica, CA

August 1990 to Present
I conduct a licensed private therapy practice in Santa Monica, Ca on an onsite and concierge basis specializing in Cardiac/Stress Mgt medical Yoga Therapy; Myofascial Osteopathic Therapy and Medical Acupressure. I continue to serve as a referral therapist for Cedars Sinai Physicians and other medical dignitaries. In addition, I conduct Yoga Stress Mgt seminars based on the clinical program I created for Cedars Sinai Medical Center throughout the US and abroad.

Integral Yoga Center of Los Angeles:

Santa Monica, Ca. tele: 310.452.5815

Director/President/Yoga Instructor/Yoga Therapist
August 1980 to present

I oversee all administrative activities for the Integral Yoga Center of Los Angeles, a non profit Yoga organization, including program development, media and marketing. As a certified Yoga Instructor and Therapist I provide Yoga instruction on a private and group basis for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. In addition, as a certified Yoga and holistic medical practitioner I provide Yoga Therapy for patients with diverse medical conditions.

Yoga Cardiac/StressMgt Specialist
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA

August 1993 to March 2010

I created and implemented the Yoga Stress Mgt Program for Cedars Sinai Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiac Center designed for pre and post op patients and for patients at risk of heart disease. The hour long sessions were conducted three times a week. The Program also served as a tutorial in Yoga Stress Mgt for visiting physicians and medical dignitaries worldwide. I also served as referral therapist for private patients on both an inpatient and housecall basis.

Acupressure and myofascial Therapist
Dr David Kearney OMD

Santa Monica, CA

October 1985 to August 1990
I provided acupressure and myofascial therapy for Dr Kearney’s patients. When he was out of town I managed the office and treated his patients in his absence.
Expert Yoga/StressMgt Consultant
Jane Fonda WorkOut

Beverly Hills, CA

October 1986 to April 1990
Designed and implemented the exclusive Clinical Yoga Stress Management Program for Jane Fonda’s legendary Fitness Studio.

I was the exclusive Yoga Consultant with very successful classes.

Skills Used
My expertise as a medical Professional informed the instruchon I provided helping to offset strain from the rigorous Workout regimines.

Orthopedic Assistant/Technician Medical Historian and Medical Scribe
Dr Patrick Zaccalini

West Los Angeles, CA

September 1982 to October 1985
I took patient history, performed initial exam, wrapped sprains, applied and removed casts. In addition I reviews medical records; both transcribed and composed medical reports.

BA in Theater Arts
Immaculate Heart College
-Los Angeles, CA
1966 to 1980
SKILLS – Technology

Microsoft Word (10+ years)

Nautilis Award
October 2004
Nautilus Literary Award for my book DrYoga(PenguinGroup) Recognized in category with Deepak Chopra

Yoga Instructor/Therapist
March 1975 to Present
Teacher Certification in beginning intermediate and advance levels of traditional Yoga – Method: Integral Yoga. Published by Penguin Books in my Specialty of Yoga Cardiac/StressMgt Therapy.

Expert medical consultant: Lifescript HuffPostSPYGHANANEWS Fitness Mag Glamour Mag

Integral Yoga International

August 1974 to Present
I’m President and Director of the Integral Yoga Center of Los Angeles, a satellite Center of Integral Yoga International Buckingham Va

Dr Yoga:,Medical Benefits of Yoga (Penguin Tarcher)
US August 2004 China: 2009 In prep for 2ndEdition

DR YOGA documents the Yoga Cardiac Program I created and implemented for Cedars Sinai Cardiac Rehab Center with additional programs for prevention and treatment of other diverse acute and chronic medical conditions. It’s a how-to book that includes a narrative and clinical trials involving Yoga as the treatment intervention. Prepping for 2nd edition.

Fitness Magazine
April 2004
I created a 10 minute Therapeutic Yoga Stress Program for their Fitness Magazine based on a Stress Program I created for my book, Dr Yoga, that has gone into syndication and continues to recycle.


August 2016

I’m published along with dignitaries from Harvard and other distinguished medical organizations in my therapeutic Yoga specialty for cardiac healthOsteoporosis and Diabetes.

Other Publications: Huffington Post 2015 Spyghana News 2015

From 2004: Chairman of the United Council on Yoga Strategic members of the President’s Council on Fitness. United Council on Yoga Initiative for the Presidents Council on Fitness – FitnessGovPresidents Challenge – Program in transition.

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