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Licensed Travell Myofascial (Muscle) Triggerpoint Specialist; Certified Medical Acupressure and Yoga Therapist.

Endorsed by the American Academy of Osteopathy  and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center    

A pioneer in Integrative Medicine, with over 20 years combined CLINICAL experience in Orthopedics, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Medicine and as a Yoga Cardiac Stress Management Specialist she is author of the bestselling book, “DR YOGA:Medical Benefits of Yoga (PenguinTarcher); with a Chinese edition; documenting the world renowned Cardiac/StressManagement Program she created for CEDARS-SINAI MEDICAL Center, where she served on the Medical Staff as Yoga Cardiac Therapist for 17 years. ) DR YOGA is based on the traditional Integral Yoga Teachings of Legendary WOODSTOCK GURU and Yoga Master Sri Swami Satchidananda
“Health is your birthright, not disease”
courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar Mag.

 (PenguinTarcher)      Photography: Art Streiber
—-“Nirmala Heriza’s Dr Yoga-Myofascial/Acupressure Therapy stabilized my breast and colon cancer post surgery”. BuffyFordStewart: Award winning Recording Artist; singer/songwriter/Poet/Dancer. (Wife of the late Folk Legend, Kingston Trio. )

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Integral Yoga Center of Los Angeles.
Fdr/Spiritual Head: H.H.Sri Swami Satchidananda Pres./Dir: Nirmala Heriza
MEDICALLY ENDORSED  by President AAO American Academy of Osteopathy
Dr. Michael A.Seffinger, DO.,FAAF, Pres. (ret) “Heriza’s myofascial therapy has proven more effective than customary physical therapy modalities, without the usual anti-inflammatory medications. She is a highly qualified professional clinician in her specialty of myofascial manipulation

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CONDITIONS EFFECTIVELY TREATED: : Hypertension High bloodpressure heart disease – (pre and postop) Sports injuries: Inguinal ligament strain plantar fasciitis shin splints knee and ankle strain/sprain Gastrocnemius strain carpal tunnel frozen shoulder subacromio clavicular bursitis olecranon bursitis tinnitus migraine headaches and other neurological disorders gastrointestinal disorders Disc herniations, cervical Stenosis; Cervical thoracic lumbosacral strain/sprain Lumbar spinal stenosis scoliosis spinal kyphosis (rounding of upper back) diabetes arthritis osteoporosis fibromyalgia Epstein Barr Syndrome Chronic Fatigue Parkinson’s Disease Leukemia and other auto immune and immune related disorders

PHYSICIAN and PATIENT testimonies

Patient Testimony – “NirmalaHeriza has treated my cervical stenosis for a year MRI shows increased diskspace widening. Her Therapy has alleviated my pain, increased ROM”. Her therapy has also helped me avert hip replacement surgery. -MarkMawrence . Financial Consultant DMGhq

Patient Testimony “Wow I feel better then I have in weeks I knew I was blocked . Thank you so very much for your hands your heart and your light”. I’m ready to sign up and I cancelled my trip next week and so I’m home”. -Tara Guber. Owner: Dodgers Golden State Warriors; CEO: MandalayEntertainment

NirmalaHeriza’sMyofascial/Acupressure therapy successfully treated my back. Her Yoga Therapy has helped me manage my stress.” –Oscar Winning Director, Award winning Producer; -Oliver Stone

Nirmala Heriza’s Myofascial Osteopathic, Medical Acupressure and Yoga therapy has stabilized my CLL Leukemia. My Ocologist is very pleased with the result. JW, M.D. (Los Angeles)

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