PR: Cedars-Sinai- Yoga: a scientifically verified hospital endorsed therapy modality

Cedars-Sinai: In a bold stroke, in 2004, #CedarsSinai Medical Center issued a national press release announcing and endorsing the efficacy and importance of “#Yoga” as a medically verified stress mgt modality and vital component of the 3 pronged program for preventing and treating heart disease, that includes exercise and nutrition. It was compelled by the Yoga Cardiac Program I designed and implemented for the hospital for its heart patients, a clinical adaptation, of #SwamiSatchidananda’s #IntegralYoga. Increasingly, HealthCare Orgs like CedarsSinai, Mayo Clinic and the NIH, physicians and medical practitioners are becoming more outspoken in the media about acknowledging and mentioning “#Yoga” as a critical medically verified component of “stress mgt”, not simply relegating its specificity to sequestered private gatherings.