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Health is your birthright, not disease”  -Sri Swami Satchidananda

  •   NIRMALA HERIZA  – Bestselling  Author –  Clinical Yoga Specialist  and Media personality and  Consultant  Writer  Producer

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DR YOGA: The Complete Medical Benefits of Yoga (Yoga For Health)   by Nirmala Heriza, BA,CYT,CAc;Cmft   A Nautilus Award Recipient  (forward by Dr. Dean Ornish M.D.; Preface by Dr. C.Noel Bairey Merz, MD. Director:  Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center – Cedars-Sinai  with testimonys by Dr. Mehmet Oz and other medical dignitaries. Medical adaptation of Legendary Woodstock Guru, Renowned Yoga Master  –H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda   IMDB: Swami Satchidananda: Internet Movie Database    foto courtesy Harper’s Bazaar Magazine    “Health is your birthright, not disease”

 Nirmala Heriza, B.A, CYT, Certified Acupressure Therapist, CMFT , CaC Award Winning Bestselling  Author of the internationally acclaimed, DR YOGA  (Medical Benefits of Yoga)  (PenguinGroup/Tarcher)   considered by many Physicians  and Medical Organizations to be a seminal authority on Therapeutic Yoga today.  She is a pioneer in Integrative Medicine, with over 20 years combined CLINICAL experience in Orthopedics, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Medicine and as a Yoga Cardiac Stress Management Specialist. 

“Dr. Yoga” is based  on the Yoga Cardiac Program (a clinical adaptation of  Legendary Guru and Yoga Master  SRI SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA’s Integral Yoga Teachings created by her for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Preventive and Rehabilitative Medical Center. A PIONEER IN INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. also featuring programs she Clinically adapted for Fitness Icon JANE FONDA’s famed Workout Studio.  It is regularily featured on Amazon’s bestsellers list in Cardiovascular Medicine.

 a penguin/tarcher imprint.

Official USPA PRESS Credentials – image

presidentschallengelogo_ She is Chairman and  President of  UNITED COUNCIL ON YOGA for the PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL ON SPORT’S, FITNESS AND NUTRITION AND THE PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE PROGRAM.  (in transition)

PALA: UCY Initiative  —

“The Asanas in the Dr Yoga (Yoga for Health) program help to diminish pain and ensure a quicker recovery. They act preventively and postoperatively. -Dr. OZ

“Nirmala Heriza is one of the country’s leading practitioners of Yoga for heart disease, . I have been referring her work to my patients for many years. I highly recommend her unique approach to Yoga” – Dean Ornish, M.D

Nirmala Heriza, is  a Holistic practitioner with a Speciality in Yoga Cardiac health, Travell Myofascial Triggerpoint Therapy, and Clinical Acupressure .  She is a  highly sought after speaker and media consultant in her expertise as a Yoga Cardiac Expert ,  featured in a joint interview with Bestselling Author, Dean Ornish for Celebrity Radio Blog VIVIDLIFE that also features other experts, and lumineres such as JANE FONDA and ROBERT THURMAN. She is a  featured Recommended Author and Practitioner  on  THE LIFE  (King World) Sponsored by Robert Thurman.

Ms. Heriza’s work on the clinically verified medical benefits of Yoga has been featured in numerous magazines and Health related websites including  “Time”, “Fitness”, “Glamour”, Men’s Health”, “Natural Health”, “Healthy Cooking” “Yoga Journal”.,”The Washington Post”, Ghana News, Huffington Post, Pro-Health and Livestrong among others. She designed and implemented a unique Hatha Yoga Program adapted from Renowned Yoga Master Bestselling Author, Sri Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga for  Oscar winning Actress and Bestselling Author Fitness Icon Jane Fonda’s Legendary Workout Studio.

Nirmala Heriza created the Yoga Cardiac Program a clinical adaptation of the traditional Integral Yoga Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a pioneer in Integrative Medicine, and has served as their Yoga Cardiac Specialist for over 15 years. She is currently a referring therapist for Physicians on their medical faculty as well as for Dr. Dean Ornish and the Santa Monica Premier Oncology Foundation.

She is President of the Integral Yoga Center of Los Angeles; Fdr/Director of the Dr Yoga Health and Wellness Center in Santa Monica where she conducts a private concierge  therapy practice.

In addition, she is  Chairman/coPresident of the United Council on Yoga a copartner of the President’s Challenge for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, recently updated by First Lady Michelle Obama to focus attention on Obesity and inactivity, risk factors for Diabetes and heart disease.

Her book, “Dr. Yoga”, is currently in preparation for its second edition due in 2018.  Nirmala Heriza is a senior disciple and spokesperson for her world renowned and respected Guru  H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda. She received Sannayas Initiation from him and served as a formal Yoga Monastic for 11 years. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Science and Theology with her bestselling book serving as her published Dissertation. Her book is also published in Chinese. 

She and her creative partner, Buffy Ford Stewart are  also currently in development on a Health related Reality Show “The Fixers with Dr. Yoga”  based on her book  for Discovery Channel,  in association with Natural Nine Entertainment and Ananda Productions. Creative Consultant: Award Winning Producer/Director: Jerry Zucker.

In addition to her Medical Yoga expertise and her  credentials as an Author, writer Nirmala Heriza is a Producer and Recording Artist with BuffyFordStewart, produced by Grammy Award winning Folk Legend John Stewart. For additional  Professional biographical information please go to:  Nirmala Heriza IMDB:


P.K. Shah, Director of Cardiology and Atherosclerosis Research, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center”. “Heriza’s remarkable book on the medical benefits of Yoga helps reaffirm the role of Yoga as a serious therapeutic modality”—

President, American Academy of Osteopathy. Dr. Michael Seffinger, D.O. FAAF. “Heriza’s Myofascial Therapy is more effective than customary Physical Therapy Modalities. She’s a highly qualified Professional Clinician.

NirmalaHeriza’sMyofascial/Acupressure therapy successfully treated my back. Her Yoga Therapy has helped me manage my stress.” –Director, Award winning Producer; Oliver Stone

–“NirmalaHeriza’s therapy has helped to strengthen and stabilize my immune and cardiovascular system”. I enthusiastically endorse her work. — Award winning Producer/Director, Jerry Zucker

–“Because of NirmalaHeriza’s Dr. Yoga program, my Cardiologist was convinced to cut my heart medication in half”. S.M.,– Film Producer.

–NirmalaHeriza’s Dr. Yoga Program helped me get through college. I was so stressedout I was finding it almost impossible to concentrate and study. —Michael Moisant, M.F.A.

–“I used the Programs in Dr. Yoga to overcome two brain tumors and colon cancer. They saved my life.” –Buffy Ford Stewart ( John Stewart, Kingston Trio) Recording Artist/Producer.

-“The Integral Yoga based Dr. Yoga program is a gentle but deeply affecting yoga. I liked it instantly.” —Gary Bart, Film Producer

–“Through NirmalaHeriza’s Dr. Yoga program of clinical Yoga, Acupressure and Myofascial Therapy I recovered from a debilitating condition of plantar fasciitis and manage my stress. I was barely able to walk. She helped me become mobile again. “—–Lindsay Crouse, Oscar Nominated Actress.

NirmalaHeriza B.A. CYT, CMFT.
Business tele: 310.452.5815
Internet Movie Database: Nirmala Heriza IMDB:

Media Consultant: Mark Mawrence   The David Morey Group      Literary Agent: Joelle Delbourgo

Integral Yoga Center of Los Angeles:
Social Media: Official: Facebook/DrYogaFan Page Official Twitter: NirmalaHeriza:DrYoga
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Dr. Yoga is base on the ‘Integral Yoga® Teachings of H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj.


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